Kamelot, Poetry For The Poisoned, 2010

kamelot - poetry for the poisonedKamelot came to my attention after securing the services of singer Roy Khan (Conception). Many consider Khan to be one of the best singers on the planet, and rightly so! Over the years the output of this band has risen to a level not many bands accomplish. I consider them one of the best in the genre, and surely one of the most melodic and identifiable.

Poetry For The Poisoned is another prime example of all the talent at work here. Again several guest contribute, with Simone Simons (Epica) returning, and for instance Jon Oliva lending his typical style to the track The Zodiac.
And whether it is a galloping track like If Tomorrow Came, or more orchestrated pieces like opener The Great Pandemonium or the already mentioned The Zodiac, the typical Kamelot styled metal with eastern influences and scales is present. House On A Hill is a duet with Simons which will send shivers down your spine. The immense and warm voice of Khan is reaching out and will leave you breathless. And he does that with a fairly midrange sound, no screaming or growling. Simone again proves to be a winning combination with her beautiful voice.
If you ask me, a classic in the making, get it at all cost! No personal play tips, I can spend days listening to this.


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