Kamelot, Silverthorn, 2012

kamelot - silverthornIn my previous post on a Kamelot release, I spoke highly of the band and their singer at the time Roy Khan. Alas the band and singer parted ways and a search was started for a replacement. Well imagine my surprise when they took Tommy Karevik on board. His singing in Seventh Wonder really is something special, so this could mean we should be in for a surprise. So when Silverthorn hit the streets, it was only a matter of time before it landed on my desk.

And you know what, this album fits seamlessly in the back catalogue of the band. And that should come as a surprise, as Tommy is Tommy and not Roy. Is that a bad thing? Well not in my book as both are great singers with a beautiful warm voice. The band choose a slightly more classical influenced approach on this, with massive choirs here and there and the extended arrangements of keyboarder Oliver Palotai adding even more depth. But mainly this is Kamelot doing what they do best. Creating an intense yet melodic prog metal album. So I can understand why it still sounds so familiar. Bringing in a completely different voice not only makes a band sound different, but also will spark a discussion on what the old fan favourites are going to sound like live.

So it is safe to say that anyone who likes the band will have no problem loving this as well. And if you are into the genre but not know the band: where have you been hiding?  To people with a thing for metal enhanced with classical arrangements, go listen to this! Leaves me wondering what will happen to Seventh Wonder by the way…