Karmamoi, Odd Trip, 2013

karmamoi - odd tripPretty sure that, when the view on the left is what you see when you look out your window, you are on an odd trip. But then again, I guess people that are into progressive rock like that. Better even, a little craziness goes a long way, especially for me.
So just how odd is this trip with the Italian band with the cool if odd name Karmamoi? (It hints a bit at “my karma”, but I have no idea if that is true)

Actually, not so weird at all. The several interludes on the album might add a little mystery, but in essence this is a damn fine slab of progressive rock that sometimes borders a bit into metal territory. Without ever going over the top. Singer Serena Ciacci has a great voice and is not afraid to add a little blue to her vocal lines. Her tone is rich and full so no squeaking here. In the music a lot of emphasis is placed in unison rhythmic patterns and sometimes I hear a little bass slapping. Cool and funky. As is common in the genre there are numerous instrumental parts yet the soloing is done only when it adds to the track, so not over self-indulgent. I have no idea about the background of the band, but this sounds very mature and identifiable. A lot of room to breathe, strong melodies and passion pouring like we have come to expect from Italian bands. Recommended!