Keane, Under The Iron Sea, 2006

keane-under-the-iron-seaMy first encounter with the band Keane is this 2006 album Under The Iron Sea. References for me are Coldplay and Muse. Though Muse mainly because of the singing in tracks like Is It any Wonder?.
My player labels this as Brit Rock, but while I agree to the Brit part, the amount of rock is so little, I prefer to label this as pop music.

In Pop one is always judged in terms of accessibility, and I do think Keane qualify in that department. The songs are short, and the melodies are easy to connect with. And maybe that, combined with the overall Coldplay feel I get, is what troubles me a bit with this album. I am not sure they have enough identity of their own yet.
On the other hand, if you like that kind of easy listening, this might be right up your alley! So you be the judge.

Personal play tips: just start it up and start exploring.