Kiddie Coke, Medical Walls, 2017

kiddie coke - medical wallsHere is a French band that started out in 2010 and consists of Christelle Lacombre on vocals and guitar, Yann Charliquart on guitar, Yann Ferry on bass and Guillaume Dupré on drums. But let me tell you upfront, if I had not read they were from France, I would have thought that they came straight out of California! Because their brand of melodic alternative rock with a slight punky energy sounds international. And yes that means that singer Lacombre effortlessly delivers her vocals without any form of accent.

And that is not the only good thing as the vocals are very pleasant and convincing. The band put a lot of energy in their playing, but avoid constantly hitting you with a wall of sound. Most of the songs are instant, with enough good hooks and diversity to keep you interested. In fact, I feel some songs are so catchy, they deserve to become global hits. So if you want to know what I mean, my listening tips would be Displeasure and Familiar Circles. Oh, if only radio would play songs like this, with melody and rocking guitars…

But hey, we still have CD’s to enjoy (or streaming or mp3 if that is more your thing, as long as you buy it!), and this is an album I will play more often. Yes, I am happy label Bad Reputation sent this!