Kimberley Dahme, Can’t A Girl Change Her Mind, 2009

kimberley dahme - can't a girl change her mindThe beautiful Kimberley Dahme may be known to some for contributing to the Boston album Corporate America and co-writing the song With You (also included here).  I also believe she toured with that band. On this she (co) wrote all and produced.

I read some reviews about this CD and decided to check it out. Only to find out she choose the title very well. The first 2 songs are into pop territory with some country flavours. Third song is the stunningly beautiful Lighthouse which brings the work of Peter Gabriel to mind. Next track is the little more rocking You Make Me Believe. Then follows some brass in the also rocking Something We Do. I should add that rocking here is meant in a lightweight sense. No heavy hitters here. No Question is only vocals, a little gospel like. And so the changes go on.

Well despite the constant change of flavours, I liked listening to the album. Kimberley not only looks good, but has a lovely voice as well, with enough character in it to keep me interested. The CD sound is good and the 38 minutes it lasts fly by. So if you are into quality music and dig female singers, this is on to put on your buy list!