King Lizard, A Nightmare Livin´ The Dream, 2012

King Lizard - A NightmareSometimes when you are reading the press sheets, you can´t help but smile and wonder. And sometimes you find those words to actually describe the band and album pretty good. Well Bad Reputation seems to strive for the latter because I think calling King Lizard the spiritual sons of Motley Crüe and Guns ´n´ Roses sure strikes a chord when you listen to this album. And the mentioning of shit loads of attitude and energy is not far off the mark either.

So this London band, produced by Pedro Ferreira (The Darkness) turns out to really be about wild guitars, with screaming razor sharp vocals (a mutant son of Axl Rose and Alice Cooper if you ask me). And with names like Flash Roxx Sawyer, Niro Knox, Lee Benz and Moyano El Buffalo, it just screams sleaze don´t it…

But it is true, on this second album they are firing on all cylinders (except for the beautiful acoustic outro to This Ain´t Love and some small bits here and there). Maybe not yet high up in the Premier Division, but sure contenders if they are able to take it on the road and work some more sweat into it. Might be a diamond in the rough, true rockstars in the making. And I am quite sure the world needs acts like this, just to balance things out 😉 Very promising!