Kingbathmat, Truth button, 2013

kingbathmat - truth buttonMhm, this is an odd bunch… Or is it? First the name: do I really read King of a bath mat in there? Well that is just about as funny as the title of the album. But as you all know, this blog is all about music. And as you perhaps suspected, these dudes move along nicely in the traditional progressive rock field. But spice things up with some enthusing seventies heavy rock influences. So maybe we should think of them as the illegal spawn of King Crimson and Black Sabbath, joining forces with some former British wave rock hopefuls on a psychedelic trip. And if that sounds strange, you should not worry. For some reason they succeed in making it all work.

And they do take the time to develop their songs. Shortest one on offer here is almost 6 minutes. With 6 songs clocking in at over 50 minutes that is more claim of that progressive tag. But again, never a dull moment here. Instrumental parts are carried by melodies on guitar or filled with lush keyboard arrangements. Vocally they tend to add colour with the use of harmony vocals. Even if they have that typical neo prog sound (at least in my humble opinion), they get the job done. So for me a pleasant first acquaintance, check them out at: