Kirk, Masquerade, 2014

Kirk - MasqueradeNot sure if a Swiss band graced these pages before, but if not, than Kirk have the première. I am not really sure which album number this is for them, as I am only aware of 2 titles. The first couple of songs are pretty much in your face metal tracks, with galloping drums and all that.

But track 4, Eternity, opens with a calm vibe that reminds of (old) Queensryche without sounding like a rip off. And even if the song again develops into a full on metal song, somehow it gives me a much better sense of what the band is about. Maybe because keyboards get more room here. Next song Fight Or Die is also spiced with a little more progressive touches and again it serves me right. This is more like it for me! From here on I am enjoying this album much more. Nothing Else But Lies has a great chorus with nice harmony layers, Time also sees some keyboard lines added and is a short rocker that kicks ass.

So a singer that for the most operates a mid range voice and can sound like Geoff Tate in his prime, a band that knows how to rock. Maybe just a tad more prog influences, because for me that opens up their sound. Still at the end of day this is solid and enjoyable.