Konchordat, The New Crusade, 2011

konchordat - the new crusadeAhhh, sometimes this life is just great! Like when you get to listen to a new artist and they just tick all the right boxes. The artist in case of course being Konchordat, with their recent album The New Crusade. New artist you should not take literally, this is not the band´s first album, I just never heard of them before.

The music from this duo (Stuart Martin on voice, guitars and keyboards, and Steve Cork on bass, Moog Taurus and keyboards, with Liam Green guesting on drums), to me is like Threshold as being played by early Marillion. So a less metal version if you like. But they are no copycats, and the voice of Stuart resembles none of Threshold lead vocalists what so ever. I just thought of those bands while listening to this. Must be the grandiose themes, the keen use of catchy choruses, or the instrumental breaks….
The album has 6 tracks, clocking in between 4:34 and 14:29, giving us a total of over 55 minutes of damn good progressive rock. Ever track here has a vibrancy and energy that hold your attention with ease. Some fine melodies all around and all the variety and musicianship one could hope for with this type of music.

So it is really easy I think, all people into Threshold, early Marillion, or with a love of quality progressive rock, head on over to their site and buy the thing!