Krakow, Minus, 2018

krakow - minusWell well, this is something different! Krakow exists for 13 years and have worked a year on the creation of this, their pinnacle achievement. For me it is my first time hearing them and the sound of the band still puzzles me. So I understand why the press sheet talks of heavy, subtle, melodic, groovy, sluggish and mostly about dense. Because it IS a wall of sound…

On first impressions I guess I am reminded somewhat of the goth from earlier Sisters Of Mercy albums, or something similar. I suck at names from Eighties bands… This because there are a lot of effects used throughout and the vocals are not on top of the music, but more a part of it. Okay, when those vocals get really harsh, I am glad they are a bit low. But since the band use lots of dynamics nothing really gets in the way.
The diversity in both vocal delivery as well as musical arrangements is big. And yet somehow they keep you on your toes, never knowing what to expect next.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not disqualifying them! It is merely an observation. And of course, being a sucker for bands that dare to be different, I admire what the band have produced here.

Not an album to play in the background, this is one to explore! Pretty sure you will dig it too if you really dig in.