Land Of Tales, Same, 2008

land of talesFrom the land of 1000 lakes, Frontiers bring us Land Of Tales (sorry couldn´t resist that). The band are a new force to reckon with and are a melodic (hard) rock band.
The singing reminded me of Emerald Rain (by the way, where have they gone?) and also the music is not that far away. Yet the Fins don´t try to emulate Harem Scarem that much.

Especially the first few tracks (Silence, Slow Waters) prove very worthwhile. The interplay between guitars and keyboards is very good and add a special touch to the material. After that the keys play a less dominant role and the guitars are cranked up. Not necessarily a bad thing, but to these ears it makes them sound more common. And I don´t know if I am tired, but it seems like the sound is a little distorted on the edges. The track Outlander gives us some piano and stuff. Nice touches and a more peaceful arrangement.
All in all a nice addition to your collection and something to play in the background at your next party. Nothing exceptional, but decent and enjoyable nonetheless.


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