Last Autumn´s Dream, Ten Tangerine Tales, 2012

last autumn´s dream - ten tangerine talesDespite this being the …ehr 10th release of Last Autumn´s Dream, as it turns out this will be the first time they are featured here. So about time! Core of the band are singer Mikael Erlandsson (Sweden, also Salute and a lot of other stuff) and German guitar player Andy Malecek (Fair Warning). First album (2003) was recorded with the almost complete Europe line-up, but ever since a lot has been happening. On drums we now find Jamie Borger (a.o. Talisman). All time low was the suicide of famed bass player Marcel Jacob (Talisman) in 2009. But for lovers of this kind of melodic rock it is a good thing they decided to recruit another bass player (Nalle Pahlsson) and this is their third album since. So with 10 albums in 10 years, these guys obviously love to keep busy…

Opening with a very short intro (and title track) things are kicked into gear with Pickin´ Up The Pieces. Next track 2nd Look is also catchy. The follow up to that, For You, reminded me a lot of Maroon 5 actually. Groovy riff, some piano, mighty chorus and harmony vocals, things could be worse! If you are familiar with Fair Warning, you will surely recognise Andy´s high pitched solos and overall guitar sound.

I guess by name you have read enough names and typicals to have a clue as to what you will get out of this. If that is what you like, do not hesitate to pick this up!