Last Hologram, Brave New World, 2016

last hologram - brave new universeOn to something a little different now; Last Hologram and their independently released Brave New World album. The band is the reincarnation of Lickpenny Loafer, a band that seemingly was very successful in winning over the public in Canada. But I must confess I like the new name better 🙂 And fantastic artwork by the way.

But this blog is about music, so let’s take a look at that. Singer and fearless leader of Last Hologram is Arunachal Subramanian, born in India, lived in South Africa and now a Canadian resident. With such a history it is of little wonder that the musical background is quite diverse. Yet the thing that struck me most about the music is that it sounds like a mix of rock and eighties new wave, embedded in pop structures. So you get the clever choruses, but still enough adventure to attract the people that actually still pay attention as to what they are listening to. Thinking of it, sometimes the music reminded me a bit of obscure band Freur (Doot Doot), whose album I still like to listen to from time to time.
All in all this album is highly enjoyable, and my only problem with it is that I would have wanted it to last longer. But then again, now we have 11 tracks and 40 minutes of quality.

In short, they deserve to be picked up and get an international release!