Laura Kaye, Shake Off The Gravity, 2005

laura kaye - shake off the gravityA few years back I stumbled upon Laura Kaye through a Fireworks Magazine´s sample CD. And it did sound like a woman with ehrrr balls… (Don´t worry guys, she is a beautiful gal also) Again it took me some years to obtain a copy (and then finding out she has a website which proved easy to find on a search engine…welcome world wide web…  🙁

The CD is a combination of own material and some covers. Most notable the Led Zeppelin track Black Dog. Here she puts brass to great use. And what this tracks makes absolutely clear, she can pull it off vocally! And I know of few female singers who can say that (in fact only Heart´s Ann Wilson comes to mind).
Another very nice feature is the electric violin shredding of producer Mark Wood. Very special, tasty and convincing. Who needs a guitar solo when he can mime this perfectly? And add as well.

Vocally Laura reminds me of Sass Jordan sometimes. Alas another female singer with too little recognition. So by now you might have guessed Laura Kaye is a powerhouse singer. She really rocks with ease. And proves not to be a one trick pony as well. She uses a lot of vocal tricks and techniques and sounds great throughout.
Musically this is very varied, but mainly rock. Nothing too heavy, but a lot of groove and melody. Which lets the vocals shine.

So here you go, the CD is still available. My advice is to visit the website and get a copy. This deserves to be heard by many!

Personal play tips: samples are on the website, use them!


2 thoughts on “Laura Kaye, Shake Off The Gravity, 2005

  1. Good morning Peter,

    Well thank you so much! Glad you found the CD and thank you for such a positive review! I’m going to post it to my Facebook page.

    Rock on!

    1. Hello Laura,

      you are more than welcome! Hope more of this will be released in the future. Is something to look forward to.

      All the best, Peter

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