Lavola, This Book Is My Cowardice, 2014

lavola - this book is my cowardiceAnd now some abrasively symphonic indie rock! Lavola is a quartet fronted by vocalist guitarist and songwriter Julian Cires and violinist and vocalist Emily Dwyer. And the first name that came to mind while listening was Coheed and Cambria. The timbre of Julian is not unlike that Claudio Sanchez and also musically they share that combination of rock and metal coloured with progressive style elements.

So that makes for adventurous listening! And I must say, a pleasant introduction to the band as well. Because make no mistake, even though I mention Coheed, this stands firmly on its own feet. Not only for the vocal duo and the violin, but also because the end result of the mentioned ingredients is just different. I like it when a band is not afraid to experiment and is able to weave a magical web with their music. Part of the magic is that it is intriguing. The song titles reflect on that: Show Your Face Motherfucker, 7 Steps To Hell, Please Excuse The Bood or Watch Your Step, there is something going on on several levels. All resulting in an album that needs your attention, and rewards your energy with a truly progressive work out that keeps growing on you. Just like epic music is supposed to. Going from light to dark, sometimes noisy, sometimes calm but always with a conviction that reaches out to the listener. Yep, I want more of this!