Lechery, Violator, 2008

Lechery - ViolatorAs Metal Heaven boss Georg has proven to have a keen ear for quality releases, I tend to buy a lot of his titles. Next up is this Violator album by Swedish metal band Lechery.

In short I guess you could describe this as a dash of Accept, some AC/DC, a little Shakra for good measure and to round it off a tiny bit of Mac (ex-Threshold).

This is mostly in your face metal, fists high and head banging. Sometimes a little keyboards, but emphasis on guitars (like you´d expect otherwise).  Though nothing shocking new or complicated, I must admit I kinda like this album. Just a nice collection of songs to have a party to. So invite your friends, buy some six packs of beer, and raise the volume. Metaaallllll (…high creaming voice with double bass thumping along…) 😉

Personal play tips: Rise With Me, Come Alive, What Burns In Their Eyes.