Legion, Code Of Honour, 2011

legion - code of honourAs we say here, forge the iron when it’s hot, so the boys of Legion wasted little time and got another release ready for us. Phil Vincent must be at it night and day. Well, as long as we get music we like we won’t complain, right?
This time the combo of Vincent (vocals, keyboards), Vince O’ Regan (guitars), Gavin Cooper (bass) and Steve Hopgood (drums) have added Nick Burr (guitars) to give the songs even more bite and body.

The music is what we have come to expect, hard rock with melody. The UK – USA combination seem to bring the best out in each other. From raging rockers like Steal The Show, Freight Train or All Is Forgiven, to the mellow balled Love Ain’t The Same, there is a fire radiating. It is pretty simple really, if you liked the first Legion record, or anything Phil or Vince have done so far, this is again a no-brainer. And if you have no clue about Legion, Phil Vincent, Vince O’Regan, Circular Logik, Tragik or D’Ercole, but are into melodic hard rock, this still is a safe buy.
After all, hard working musicians need your support, and you need a regular dose of riffing guitars, pounding drums and singers screaming their lungs out…