Legion, Resurrection, 2012

Legion-ResurrectionAnother new month, so about time for a new Phil Vincent release! Well this one is from last year actually and under the Legion banner. His collaboration with UK inhabitants Vince O’ Regan et al, has proven quite fruitful with 4 albums in 3 years. Well the message stays the same I think. Anybody into Dokken typed hard rock and in need of a straight rock fix, this is what you need.

Another 11 tracks of melodic hard rock, with Phil´s trademark vocals (and please pay extra attention to the harmony vocals, he does those very well!), enough guitar riffs to soothe even the most thirstiest of fans and solos galore. At times it sounds a bit like a heavier Saxon, but that could be down to the UK influence. And in my book that is not a bad reference mind you.
I like this type of kick ass albums on a regular diet. Not all day long and not every day of the week, but I surely enjoy listening to this! Always easy to digest, never a dull moment and just plain enjoyable. Fists in the air and head-banging good. And coming from one of the hardest working men on the planet (and down to earth and nice too), we all could do worse…


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