Legion, same, 2010

Legion - sameAh, I was starting to miss my regular dose of Phil Vincent! So great to finally lay my hands on the cooperation with UK based guitar player and song smith Vince O’Regan (Bob Catley). With Phil providing words and vocals, Vince taking care of music and guitars and Gavin Cooper and Steve Hopgood supplying bass and drums.

And boy, does this kick ass! Anyone familiar with the names above will already have a clue at what to expect. For the others: melodic hard rock with the hooks and melodies we look for in this type of music. High energy in abundance and heavy on the guitars, while Phil is his usual self with multi layered vocals and another convincing delivery of his quality lyrics.  A lot of references to eighties rock and metal, but planted firmly in more modern times.  Light and dark, slow and fast, so no one trick ponies here.
No use naming album highlights, this is a great album with no filler tracks.

Don´t know about a band website, but the following link will provide you with all sorts of info about all things Phil Vincent…



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