Legion, Tempest, 2014

legion - tempestOkay, the most featured people of this blog are at it again! And of course I am talking about some of the hardest working men in the biz, Phil Vincent and Vince O`Regan. Since their start as Legion in 2010, this is already album number 6! And besides that, Phil is also busy with numerous other bands and projects. What a guy!

So, Legion ranks amongst the heaviest of all things that relate to the mighty mister Vincent. Upon the foundation of Andy Pierce´s drums, Gavin Cooper´s bass, enhanced by Irvin Parrat´s keyboards, the dynamic duo fire another 11 tracks at us legionnairs. Dokken esque as often is said, but with two feet firmly rooted in NWOBHM, since the instrumentalists of the band are from the UK and only Phil hails from over the big pond.
For many people this type of music is timeless so they can buy this without hesitation. This means the guitars are loud, the solos are fast and the melodies and harmonies are addictive as always. Perhaps a little more keyboards than before, but that means it is even more varied. And a song like My Sacrifice might sound Zeppelinesque at times, but it is one of their best ever.

So no signs of ever slowing down, but full swing into the future. Love it!