Leprous, Bilateral, 2011

Leprous - BilateralA good friend has been bugging me for months to start listening to this album, such was his conviction I would like this. Well, apparently he knows me well because ever since it landed in the player, it has not left it!

Just take a look at the cover on the left. Strange isn´t it? Well, I have made remarks before about how I think a lot of progressive music is in fact the opposite. But this band is true to the tag. Effortlessly combining elements from various styles of music (not strictly limited to all sorts of metal) and still they have managed to come up with songs that grabbed me from the start. It is hectic, it is varied, it is heavy as it is grandiose. It is soft and it is loud, but above all it is melodic enough to keep you interested and conceived and played with impeccable taste and a clear view of what it wants to be.

Yes I know, that is quite a mouth full of words describing this, but this is surely one of the most intriguing CD´s in the last couple of months. Heck, I love it to death! Might be challenging, but I think any serious lover of quality music should spend at least a day warming up to it. Utterly essential stuff!


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