Les Penning with Robert Reed, Return To Penrhos, 2019

LES-PENNING-WITH-ROBERT-REED-RETURN-TO-PENRHOSOh my, time for something completely different… Les Penning is known for his instrumental contributions to the work of one Mike Oldfield. And Robert Reed you might know from Magenta and more.

On this album you get guitar work that sounds eerily close to Oldfield. There are lots of old and familiar melodies running thoughout the album, often giving it a folk or classical feel. Especially when instruments like the flute play a big part in the sound.What more to tell? The music is melodic, with a nice dynamic range, even when it never rocks hard.

So I guess that people who love the music of Oldfield, the Excalibur saga, or just folk music, will enjoy this.

The special edition also holds a DVD with promo videos and a live set.