Leverage, Circus Colossus, 2009

leverage - circus colossusJust when I thought that the summer was gonna drown out all the energy in me, this Leverage CD popped up to play. Maybe you remember I was already saying a lot of good things about their 2008 album Blind Fire? Well, if anything, the boys have set out to be just a little more better on all accounts.

So still emphasis on writing good songs and melodies. The basis of the band is very strong, with excellent guitar work. Yet my attention was caught by the playful and outright fantastic keyboard work this time round. Cleverly avoiding the sounds everybody uses, and still adding depth. And sometimes the keys give a very vibrant flashy solo (solo, or in unison with the guitar) or add deep, almost ambient moods.

So you will have guessed this album really made my day the last couple of sunny days and made me enjoy my beer just that bit more. But I am quite sure that it will also work on rainy days. The melodies and the clever rhythmic variations are just too good to only work on casual listening. Pretty sure anyone into the genre will love this band. So get it if you are not yet familiar with it.