Liberty N Justice, Light It Up, 2010

liberty n justice - light it upI believe Liberty N Justice is to be considered a project with constantly changing participants. Every song on this 14 title disk has a different singer and other musicians adding. All brought together by founder Justin Murr.

On the upside this creates an album where almost everyone will find something he or she likes.

The downside however, may be that it is quite a mixed bag. Especially because a lot of songs sound close to the original bands of the main contributors. And I am not sure that is a selling point actually. If I want Ted Poley, Firehouse of Harem Scarem, will I be looking for Liberty N Justice?

Naturally it makes Justin Murr kind of a chameleon (he co-writes it after all) and you have to respect him for that. And sounding close actually means it sounds convincing nonetheless. So credit for that also!

But to me it is like a weird kind of Best Of from Various Artists, and lacks originality and thus identity. But if you like the afore mentioned bands or others in that vein, this is still a safe buy.

Personal play tips: Do What You Want, Man Vs. Mother Nature, Beautiful Decision.