Library Voices, Lovish, 2015

library voices - lovishThis turns out to be the third album by Library Voices. It is a self produced collective effort from this 7 piece band that I had previously never heard of in all sincerity. But the first track immediately catches my attention. Oh Donna sounds incredibly catchy, yet manages to work around more rhythmic variation than many prog songs. Guitars sound like a pop band that have discovered the fuzz. Mhm, what is going on here? So I start reading the press info. Well some troubles in the past years I read there. (hope you recover fully Carl Johnson!) But that does not translate to sadness or anger.

If anything, this is a very uplifting album with great melodies and moods. And more than enough musicality to be credible. Because it all sounds so deceptively simple. And that is a credit to the band. Yes, some alternative touches here or there, and then sounding a bit like The Kaiser Chiefs or the Julian Cope of long ago, but I must say this is a very pleasant listen.
In essence more pop than rock, playful and melodic so able to attract not only indie lovers, but also mainstream. Not bad. Not bad at all!