Ligro, Dictionary 2, 2012

Ligro - Dictionary-2Okay, this must be one of the most challenging albums ever to have made it´s rounds in my player. From Indonesia we have another MoonJune release in the jazz, fusion and or progressive rock vein. The trio of Agam Hamzah on guitar, Adi Darmawan on bass and Gusti Hendy on drums really managed to keep me busy but in all honesty, I am still not sure I am getting this.

With 8 tracks and over 73 minutes of music (with 4 tracks clocking in at over 10 minutes) I can´t help thinking these are all spontaneous jams recorded on the spot. Inventive and complex yes, but themes and melodies are nowhere to be found. Or at least not for these ears. And reading that drummer Gusti is also a member of one of the country´s most successful pop rock outfits makes this even more puzzling.

So maybe you are up for the task, I think I´d better put my mind to rest for a while and visit it again some time later, I surrender for now!