Like the blog? Please help

donateReally proud to see that the blog is currently hitting over 50.000 counts per month. It really is a journey and warms my heart to see numbers like this. And I hope the featured artists will benefit from this as well. After all, that is why the blog exists.

But this is a labour of love and times are getting rougher. Maintaining this site costs effort and money. I know there are many magazines and sites out there that charge for their words. But I want to try to avoid that route. Also I want to try to keep advertisements to a minimum. And people are not clicking them anyway…

So I added a Donate button in the left menu. Simple safe and secure, and for any amount you wish to spare. It will help me keep going at this! So Promoters, Bands and Fans, hope you can and will help!

Cheers  Peter and thanks in advance if you do. Rock on!