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Lillian Axe, Sad Day On Planet Earth, 2009

lillian axe - sad day on planet earthI have enjoyed several records by this American rock band in the past, so was really looking forward to hearing this.
But truth be told, I am not sure about this one. Yet…

After several spins I still don´t know what the guys had in mind when making this record. I guess with an attitude of “hell, who cares, let´s just do what we like”. And sure, that has brought us numerous classics. But I find some aspects of this album just bringing up memories of “peoples anthems” (simple sing along tunes for brainless masses of drunks that is). And I am pretty sure that will not have been the intention!
Upon exploring my feeling, I think it´s because of the (clean) guitar arpeggio´s in a number of songs, sometimes combined with rather simple and obvious melodies. The way these are played just reminds me of the afore mentioned scenery. Somehow it´s not a sight I love. 😛
Other songs seem to aim at the more modern rock crowd. Ferocious riffing and aggressive singing. Then again, maybe it´s just me…

And don´t get me wrong, this sure has it´s moments. Some songs are quite beautiful even. Then the guitars rock, and there are some great ideas accompanied by worthwhile melodies and intriguing atmosphere´s. So not all is bad! But I for one hope they return to form and stick to melodic hard rock. There´s enough prove they are still able to hit that nail on the head! With a length of over 74 minutes, this CD would have hit me harder with a couple of songs left off.

Personal play tips: Jesus Wept, Down Below The Ocean, Kill Me Again.