Lions Share, Dark Hours, 2009

lions share - dark hoursThis version of the band Lions Share is a whole different affair than the band I got into at the end of last century. Only guitar player Lars Criss is still present. And keyboards have since disappeared from the bands sound, as have the wonderful progressive touches. Their 1999 version of City Boys The Day The Earth Caught Fire is magnificent, as is the album Fall From Grace it originates from.

Here we find singer Patrik Johansson (Astral Doors I believe) lending his Dio styled vocals to the far more metal typed songs on offer. But is that a problem?
Well if you want Lions Share to stick to their original sound it probably is. But those days are gone. So Lions Share is dead, long live Lions Share!

Because it is no denying that this is an outstanding metal album. Patrik has a great set of pipes and he puts them to good use. Criss is a very competent player and can shred among the best of them. And the songs are convincing. After a few spins you really sink into the songs and the sound. And you know what, sometimes the odd arrangement still pops up. Old habits die hard…
I am sure that if you forget the band of old and give this a fair chance, you will be delighted by the quality. Melodic metal the way I like it!

Personal play tips: Phantom Rider, Heavy Cross To Bear,The Bottomless Pit.