Lit Soul, Libertine Dream, 2008

lit soul - libertine dreamThe brainchild of singer, guitar player and some other stuff, Rob Chevelle, Lit Soul operate as a trio, with Eliot adding guitars, keyboards and bass and Zag Richards hitting the drums. Rob has strong opinions on a lot of things (according to the booklet), so expect the CD title to have a meaning. But does this lead us into protest songs? Nah, lyrically maybe, but the songs themselves are quite a mixed bag. In general this is a rock record, with some related genres like glam, punk, classic rock, industrial or pirate rock (does that exist?) creeping in.

The opener of Pirates Life part 1 creates an expectation I am still not sure the album fulfils. Short and heavy, but with a unique sound to it! And between truly beautiful tracks like Girl and Let´s Go Down (acoustic guitar and violins, you catch my drift), we get rockers like In The Eyes Of America, Eternal or All Over Town. Mind you, all well played, but to these ears not all of the same calibre. Or maybe it is a case of not being sure what identity to stick with. I know, I am the last person on earth to promote one trick ponies, but in this case the album leaves me a bit confused.

But I rest assured in the knowledge that over time those records often prove to be the ones you continue to play, as the songs that stick out now are inspirational already…


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