Lobster Newberg, Actress, 2009

lobster newberg - actressShould you ever have wondered if talent is in the genes, and thus hereditary, here some proof that is actually the case. Does the name Jim Peterik ring a bell? Think Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor), Pride Of Lions, etc. . In short the writer of many hit songs and other great music.
Well his son Colin Peterik is the main songwriter, singer and keyboard player of this Chicago based outfit. And you know what, at the home of the Peterik family there must have been a massive 70´s (prog) rock record collection, because Lobster Newberg serve up what might be described as an amalgam of prog rock music from the seventies on. And do so with a class and panache that is quite mindblowing.

Not afraid to add trumpet, sax, harmonica, flute and what ever they feel adds to the colour of the songs, this quartet delivers an album filled to the brim with exquisite musicianship, catchy melodies and  daring arrangements. Classy Hammond playing, and the Mellotron is present as well.
Without ever losing momentum or trying to be clever just for the sake of it. Nope, this is a wonderful album that keeps fresh and lets you discover new things all the time.

So if the music from bands like Spock´s Beard, Steely Dan and the greats from previous era is featured in your collection, than this is something you have to listen to. Timeless!