Lost In Thought, Opus Arise, 2011

lost in thought - opus ariseNew band (at least to me) Lost In Thought have just released their Opus Arise. Judging from that title I am guessing it is their debut. When I started playing this disk my first thoughts were that they were just another Dream Theater clone. But I must admit, the more I listened to the album, the more I liked it. And it also became obvious that my first impression was not doing them justice.

Yes this is progressive metal with all the trademarks you would expect. And yes, it would be a big surprise if DT would not show up on their resume as a big influence. But when you delve in deeper, you will find there is more to them. Maybe making a reference to Threshold comes closer as I do feel this band is more about songs, melody and feel, than just bragging about their impressive technical skills. The melodies may not be instant, but sure sink their teeth into you with no room for escape.
So after a couple of spins it becomes clear the boys have delivered a strong album that is a pleasure to listen to and gets better over time. A grower, so give it a chance and support them!

Personal play tips: Beyond The Flames, Delusional Abyss, Assimulate Destroy.