Lost Weekend, Fear And Innocence, 2008

Lost Weekend - Fear and InnocenceLost Weekend is formed by a bunch of seasoned scene veterans. They know their trade, they know their strengths and they know how to write a decent tune. The core of the band are singer Paul Uttley and guitar player Dave Thompson, who also write all the songs.

The music is firmly rooted in the British rock traditions. So you get the choruses, the guitar solos and the chord based songs with some riffs thrown in for good measure. All is played with attitude and skill. You will not find any experiments on here, but songs with head and tail that make sure you spend a rocking 50 minutes with them. So earth breaking, no. Quality, yes.

I believe they have just announced to break up as they all seem to be too busy with other things. A pity, this type of music is timeless and will always have an audience. So no play tips, if you are into melodic rock, this is a safe buy.