Lou Gramm Band, Same, 2009

the lou gramm bandOf course many of you will be familiar with Lou Gramm. Not? Well Lou was the voice that made Foreigner famous. Alas he has had to deal with health issues so he has been out of the picture for quite a few years. And now he is back with this band of brothers (3 guys named Gramm!) and friends, operating under this predictable moniker.

So the first thing to answer is, how is that voice. Well, I may be a bit harsh here, but I do tend to think it isn`t what it used to be. There are quite a few spots where he just does not sound like in the days of old. Mind you, a good singing Lou Gramm still kicks many wannabes where it hurts, but he once was mighty!

So we got a good singer, how about the songs? Well I am happy to report there is little to complain in that department. If you own his other solo outings, or are fond of his days with Foreigner, then this will sound familiar. Some serious lyrics, but that is little surprise considering what he had to overcome. So enjoyable, hope they continue!

Personal play tips: Baptized By Fire, Made to Be Broken, So Great.