Loud Lion, Die Tough, 2014

loud lion - die toughAbout time I catch up on the Melodic Rock Records releases of late. This is one I could describe ultra short: Def Leppard. From the name, to the lead and harmony vocals, the gang shouts, the guitar sound, to the way the songs are structured. It all oozes Def Leppard at their most successful period. And okay, some hints of Queen or more specifically May’s fretwork, in for instance Loud Lion (A Theme).

So the question is, is that a bad thing? Well, it will certainly not win them any originality prize. On the other hand, even Def Leppard don’t make music like this any more and stick to live albums, thus reliving the past. So if you have the ability to deliver a set of songs that are your own, yet resemble the masters. And are full of energy and just damn catchy tunes, should you let them catch dust on a lonely shelf? No I understand Andrew McNeice from theĀ Melodic Rock label. We all know there are lots of people still living in the 80’s mentally (heck, even I got the thing) and quite enjoy this type of commercial rock. Because make no mistake, this is well crafted and done right and respectful! And with some stunning guitar work…