Magic Pie, King For A Day, 2015

Magic Pie - King For A DayThis band is amongst the first to get a feature here on the blog, and with good reason. It is always hard guessing how many people into prog are into them, but as they seem to keep progressing (hey I love any album from them even if not all are presented here) I am sure many will find at least something to their liking on this album.

Let’s start with the songs. There are 6 on the album, but as it is clocking in at 70 minutes, you will understand we have long ones on board. Something that seems obligatory for some fans to be taking seriously these days. 🙂  Well if 2 songs of 12 minutes and one of over 27 do not tickle your fancy, then I guess nothing ever will.
Other goodies include rhythmic changes lurking around any corner, melodies that nest themselves in your head within seconds and vocals and harmonies that can compete with the best of them. One thing I must not forget to mention is the guitar work. A tad more heavy than before I think, but with a great transparent sound, without losing a punch. And the solos… just plain awesome.

All in all I am tempted to say this may be their best yet and I recommend everyone into the genre to buy it on sight.