Magic Pie, The Suffering Joy, 2011

magic pie - the suffering joyWhen I started this blog, now a little over 3 years ago, Magic Pie was among the first bands to get a feature here. So I am really happy to write about them again, as I believe this band is criminally underrated. But maybe that is just my misconception, and all you guys and girls already own this album?

Anyway, just in case some lines about why I like this band so much. Should you not be aware: this is a progressive rock band, and they frequently use the hammond organ (yummie!). Their songs will tick all the right boxes for any conservative member of the prog rock community and I still think they are a modern band and enrich their music with a lot of contemporary ideas. So you still have the epics, (A Life´s Work with 24 minutes and Tired with 15 minutes) the instrumental parts, solos, dynamics, and whatever we think necessary. But also fantastic vocal melodies, awesome harmonies, intricate arrangements and more exotic instruments like the flute. And all played with style and an awesome level of energy. And more musical ideas in one song than many can put in a whole album. And still without me ever getting a lost feeling.

So you bet I like this band and fully recommend them to all of you that are still reading. I mean, all the others already own this, or?