Maglev, Overwrite The Sin, 2016

maglev - overwrite the sinWhen I tell you that Robby Valentine plays piano on one track, and that Valensia is named as one of the biggest influences of Joost Maglev, does that give you an idea of what to expect? Probably does, and you know what, you are right!
Other guests are long time friend Sebas Honing (check his latest album here) and a couple of names that did not ring a bell, sorry for that. Joost Maglev has been a bass player in bands like Galanor and Equisa, and this sees him exploring his prog roots. And meanwhile bringing to life his prowess on various instruments! Other references to the music are Yes, Genesis, Queen and Japanese music from the likes of Yoko Kanno and Vienna.

But do not think Maglev is a carbon copy of said artists. No this is the melodic and dramatic and proggy best of them. And truth be told, not something I expected when I took a look at the cover. But this album is great from start to finish. The 5 songs (all eight to almost thirteen minutes) are entertaining for every second. If you, like me, are a sucker for vocal harmonies in the vein of, well, Valensia and Valentine ( 🙂 ), you sure are in for a treat.

I find myself being highly impressed!