Magnum, On The 13th Day, 2012

magnum - on the 13th dayIf you are a site regular, it will not come as a surprise that I really like Magnum. I mean, their brand of music evolving around melodic rock and progressive rock, is always a pleasure to listen to. And I know some say that over time their output has become predictable to a certain extend. But some bands get away that, as long as they provide excellent songs, and Magnum is one of those.

I felt that after the Hard Rain days things have really been picking up for the band again. Undoubtedly main song writer Tony Clarkin has since rediscovered his inspiration. So despite not coming up with a longer epic (album opener All The Dreamers clocks in at just over 7 minutes), with 11 tracks and 57 minutes of music, we have little to complain about. And with Dance Of The Black Tattoo, a more hard rocking song is delivered. quite cool track!
If you belong to the people who have never heard a Magnum album, you probably do not enjoy this type of music. Still if you are curious, start with On A Storyteller´s Night, Wings Of Heaven or Vigilante. I am quite sure that after that, you will understand why I still enjoy the band and it´s music.

Many songs of this release fit within the repertoire with ease and will surely find their way into the live set. And deservedly so!