Magnum, The Gathering, 2010

magnum - the gatheringTalking about impressive. The almost 40 year lasting career of UK’s prime progressive rock band Magnum is long and filled with classic albums. And now they have served their fans with a 5 CD package called The Gathering. Quite the nomen est omen type of thing 😉

Been listening to this the last couple of days and it sure is big fun. From the early days to the present, all periods are touched upon. With unreleased songs, live versions, acoustic versions, b-sides, bonus tracks, alternative mixes, outtakes, orchestral versions, demo´s, single remixes, and of course regular tracks as well. And the fifth disc being a complete live concert from the Hammersmith Odeon from 1988.
All in a lush package with extensive booklet to fill you in on all the details. Plenty of photo`s (Clarkin did have lot´s of hair in the day), so while listening you will not easily get bored. Wait, that sounds strange, as if this music could not engage you…

So the fans probably know enough, 82 tracks on 5 discs = great value for money. And for those unfamiliar with the band, buy some Best Of first and start exploring! Highly melodic (progressive) rock.