Mahogany Frog, Senna, 2012

mahogany frog - sennaOnce I read that licking some kind of frog could bring you in a state of hallucination. Don´t know if that applies if the frog is from mahogany, but Mahogany Frog sure like to build their music upon seventies psychedelic and experimental influences. Sometimes reminding me a bit of a more experimental version of Big Elf. Add to that fusion, ambient, progressive rock and electronica, and you are slowly getting where this is coming from. And you know what the beauty of all that is? This is actually quite enjoyable!

So no random noise or lack of structure. No, these songs have a firm grasp of what they are and where they are going.  Even if instrumental (pretty common for a MoonJune release), I did not miss a singer in this at all. The four multi instrumentalists from Winnipeg Canada, use a vast array of keyboards, guitar, bass, drums and electronics to create their layered material. And despite the experimental nature, the clever use of melodies throughout still keeps it rather catchy. And they seem a fun bunch as well, judging on titles as Flossing with Buddha, Message From Uncle Stan or Aqua Love Ice Cream Delivery Service. Yes, surely something to check out!