Major Parkinson, Blackbox, 2017

Major-Parkinson-BlackboxAs I understand this is the fourth album from this Norwegian band, labelled as cult prog rock in the press sheet. That continues to write: come over to the passenger side, open the lid and embark on an unparalleled journey through cinematic progressive soundscapes and otherworldly melodies. Eh? So you can imagine I was curious to hear what the band had to offer.

And I must say after hearing the music, I was starting to understand the information. This turns out to be quite the unique experience. That is, I know of no other band combining eighties new wave sounds, with pop sensibilities over a progressive foundation. Growing up musically in the seventies and eighties, I must also confess I really like what I am hearing here!
The lead singer has a low and dark voice, not quite unlike Tom Waits. The melodies are there and they are instant. There is a constant feeling of mystery and tension throughout the album. The combination of the vocals, the synths, the fierce drumming and guitar interludes keeps you on your toes. And still you never get lost. I don’t think it makes sense to lift out specific songs from this release. This is best listened to as a whole as that will give you the best idea of their attraction.

Very special, very interesting, very good. Go listen!