MakeBelieve, City Lights, 2010

make believe - city lightsThanks to Andries from 3s Music for giving me the opportunity to check Dutch band MakeBelieve out. City Lights comes in a surprising package as it consists of 3 CD’s with 4 songs each, all housed in a beautiful 8 panel digipack. Sure to cause some attention as this must cost a lot of money. Always good when a band is believed in. Yet in all honesty, with every EP lasting 12 to 13 minutes, so in total giving us less than 40 minutes of music…

Speaking of the music, some call this emo, some punk rock or alternative. Think Fall Out Boy, Panic At The disco and cohorts. So let’s stick with rock as that is a broad enough description. Singer Joey Dussel turns out to be a big and pleasant surprise! Good range and a great little rough edge to his vocals. Quite the find. The whole band is a surprise really. All songs have the right hooks, with enough catchy melodies to attract the easy going listeners, and still enough meaty guitars to let it rock. Also the more mellower tracks are beautiful as Joey┬┤s voice can carry them easily. The guys are quite young I think, so still need a little more identity of their own. But I am sure that if they continue to write and perform, and keep the band together, there is a successful future awaiting. Such is the promise already. Definitely worth checking out.