Malison Rogue, Same, 2011

malison rogueBefore I inserted this disk in the player, I took a look at the booklet. I was not sure what to expect, but from the looks of the band and the artwork (the back page reads We’re All Born Sinners) I was expecting a kind of glam rock band.
And boy, was I wrong again.

What we have here is probably best described as early Queensryche meeting with Fates Warning in a dark alley, with your local boys choir singing harmony. In other words, this is a great progressive metal outfit who use a lot of backing vocals, thus attracting the average melodic rock lover as well. I really dig the way they are combining the AOR melodies with Prog Rock song structures. Makes them accessible yet interesting as they have managed to avoid all too obvious routines.

Take a look at album opener Friend Or Foe? for instance and you will understand where my earlier comparison came from. And with that I do not want to imply these guys are mere copycats. The way they play just happens to remind me of those bands, and I mean that as a compliment. These style elements are heard in all the songs, so it is just the way they write. Great discovery, give them a listen!


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