Mama Loo Dance to new single

Horn, the capital of the Dutch quality pop, brings in September the new musical fruit of artrocktrio Mama Loo. ‘Dance’, is the first single from the new album “Whitecap”, which will be released in the autumn. A band with a decidedly experimental sound as you can find with many outfits of southern neighbours Belgium. Think of Deus, Zita Swoon, Ozark Henry.
The song ‘Dance’ is almost Disco from the early 80´s, a previously not practised music style by Mama Loo.


In the pre-release stage, the band can rejoice in a considerable interest for ‘Dance’. Irish DJ jean McCann has a remix of ‘Dance’ and plays it at clubs in Belfast. Dance (the radio edit) is also on the playlist of the Red Door Club in New York. The Dutch top 40 alternative free40 has ‘Dance’ tipped in its list. An American, Mexican, and Italian radio station already put ‘Dance’ on their playlist.

The single release on September the first is accompanied by a video: