Mano-Vega, Nel Mezzo, 2010

mano-vega - nel mezzoFabrizio Borgosano from Coral Riff Management was so kind as to send me some CD´s of artists he is working with. The first being Mano-Vega with their 2010 release Nel Mezzo.

The band choose to stick to their native language (Italian) so everything from lyrics to booklet is in a language I understand only small parts of. Regarding the booklet (and website from Coral Riff) that is a bit of a pity. But regarding the music, that does not hurt me at all. The moods they create transcend language (music again proving to be universal).
Bearing a mixture of progressive rock with a lot of alternative touches a la Porcupine Tree, you are sure to get an album that requires your attention. The suspense in tracks like opener Ondanomala is so immense you can sometimes touch it. Dreamy piano parts are entwined with synthesiser sequences and the vocals will do about anything it takes to deliver their part and suck you into the song. Next track La Prova Del Vuoto is much more heavy, though the piano and keyboards still claim their part. As you will expect, arrangements are carried out with a lot of detail and the dynamic range is immense.

So an album that comes recommended for anyone with a taste for intricate music that you will hear new things in even after numerous spins. Impressive!