Marbin, Last Chapter Of Dreaming, 2013

marbin - last-chapter-of-dreamingIn my book, any album that gets me to want to pick up a guitar and start hitting notes and bending strings, does something right. In this case, it might even be more than one thing…  The core of the band are Danny MARkovitch on saxophones, Dani RaBIN on guitar, Justyn Lawrence on drums and Jae Gentile on bass. Together with a lot of special guests they have created this wonderful fusion typed CD. Well, I feel it goes a bit beyond that, as it also touches upon rock, jazz and maybe even blues and folk, so all in all you could consider this progressive.

Requirements to achieve a convincing fusion album (in my humble opinion) are: great grooves, excellent execution and a lot of melodies that stick in your head. This makes for a vibrant combination that is a pleasure to listen to. For me, Marbin have hit the mark on this, their third album and second on the MoonJune label. From start to finish these 14 songs shine. And what a players they all are! It is dazzling at times, yet never looses sight of the song. Beautiful moods and melodies, or hard hitting riffs, it is all present. Even if largely instrumental (the vocals are mainly used as an additional instrument), I never once thought it needed a lyric. Weird as the cover may be, the music on this disk is easy to connect to and plainly very well done. Great job!