Marbin, The Third Set, 2014

marbin - the third setThe previous Marbin release on the Moonjune label was a very strong fusion album in my book. So that kinda creates a high anticipation level for the next one. And sometimes that can lead to disappointment. Or another killer album.

Third Set was recorded in the same line-up as Last Chapter Of Dreaming, albeit this one was recorded live during their 2012 USA tour dates! As before the level of musicianship is extreme. They all kill on their instrument of choice. I might add this is a scorching, balls-to-the-wall live album. Highlights of their best material has been given a testosterone treatment here and the impact is giga. So sax and guitar solos galore.

And that is my only point of criticism. Where before I thought they ruled with their melodies, and really attracted me that way, live the technical abilities seem to prevail and this sometimes leads to a crossfire of notes, losing the melodies along the way. There are exceptions of course, like the beautiful Crystal Bells.
I am sure that many will dig the energy and like I said, the musical level is very high, but this will take more time to get into, unless you are a fan or saw them live.