Marcel Brood, Groen, 2013

marcel brood - groenWhen the son of a famous Dutch singer (and painter) releases an album, that is sure something to look into. In this case we are talking about Marcel Brood, and the father is of course the late Herman Brood. And while father Brood enjoyed a long career in music, appeared in some movies and in later life became a painter with a unique identity, son Marcel practically comes out of the blue. Or is he?

Turns out Marcel accompanied his father since early on but always avoided playing himself. That is, a few years ago he recorded a single, but the thing did not quite raise a storm. Some time later it still was picked up by a radio station and that led to this eventually, his debut album Groen. The title translates to Green, and is a reference to Marcel being rather new at this.
While father Herman sang in English, Marcel choose his native Dutch. Listening to the music, I cannot escape comparing them both. Style wise the similarities are absolutely there. Classic rock seems to run through the family, as are lyrics with a firm tongue in cheek. Which might translate a bit difficult, but it will not stop non Dutch speaking people to enjoy this. As the album progresses I got used to the singing of Marcel. It may be because he is not a scene veteran that I first thought his delivery was a bit shy. Or maybe it is just imagination but I did think he could use a little more fire sometimes. Nevertheless, it is really easy to connect to this. Songs are convincing, and fit the rock tag with ease. Never overly simple and predictable, I like listening to it. Maybe you do too, go check him out at: